The Laboratory of Comparative Cardiology, Komi Science Centre, Ural Division, Russian Academy of Science, Russia

Mailing address: 167000, Syktyvkar, 24, Kommunisticheskaya Str.,

Location address: 167000, Syktyvkar, 4, Oplesnin Str

Telephone number (8212)391451, е-mail:

Head of the Laboratory - Irina Mikhailovna Roshchevskaya, Doctor of Biology, Professor, State Prize Laureate in the Field of Science and Technology

phone / fax (8212)391451, e-mail ,

Brief facts on the Laboratory

The Laboratory of Comparative Cardiology was founded by Academician M.P.Roshchevsky in 1971, then it was reorganized into the Department of Ecological Physiology on which basis in 1988 the Institute of Physiology of the Komi Science Centre, Ural Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, was established by Academician M.P.Roshchevsky. In 2004 the Laboratory of Comparative Cardiology received an independent status and in 2007 it became a part of the structure of the Komi Science Centre, Ural Division, Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 1971 till now researches have been carried out under scientific supervision of Academician M.P.Roshchevsky. The scientific-methodical supervision of the Laboratory is carried out by the Joint Scientific Council on biological sciences of the Ural Division, RAS and the Department of Biological Sciences of RAS (the section of physiology).

The Laboratory staff numbers 20 people, including 10 research scientists. The Laboratory staff involves Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences M.P. Roshchevsky, Corresponding Member E.V. Pimenov, Doctor of Science I.M. Roshchevskaya, 5 Candidates of Science: E.V. Bartusevich, N.L. Kolomeyets, A.A. Rasputina, S.L. Smirnova, N.A. Chermnykh.

The Laboratory carries out co-researches with scientific institutions of the Ural and Siberian Divisions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, co-operates with the leading Russian and world research institutions and institutes of higher education, organizes and holds important all-Russian and international conferences, meetings, and symposia on electrocardiology, physiology of visceral systems. At the Laboratory the Scientific council co-ordinating scientific and scientific-organizational activity works.

The instrument base for modern electrophysiological, histologic, and ultrasonic researches of the heart is created. Under the guidance of Academician M.P.Roshchevsky 128-channel system for simultaneous registration of cardioelectric potentials has been developed and is used in research work of the Laboratory and the Institute of Physiology of the Komi Sci Centre, Ural Division, RAS. At present a unique 1024-channel system of new generation has been created in the Laboratory.

The main research trends

• researches in the field of visceral physiology; evolutionary and comparative physiology of cardiovascular system;
• physiological bases of cardioelectrotomography creation;
• revelation of regularities of the myocardial function in the course of the evolution;
• establishment of fundamental regularities of cardiac electric activity in different classes of animals and man.

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